Signs are around that the popularity of the NFL is still growing in the UK and I’m excited about that. The latest sign is the stocking of NFL London-bound teams’ t-shirts by the supermarket Sainsbury’s.

At the time of writing this, they have 13 “distressed-look” t-shirts for us to choose from and range from general NFL designs to team specific designs. Currently, they are only stocking the teams that will be playing in the NFL London 2017 series of games but they have plans to stock more of the other NFL teams towards the end of this season.

The clothing is sold out of their Sainsbury’s Tu stores which are within their supermarkets and online. It is only the latter of the two where we can currently purchase these great t-shirts but they plan to jump on the Super Bowl bandwagon later in the year with releases of hoodies, sweatshirts and a wider variety of t-shirts.

It has also been stated that we will be able to find this current NFL London teams range in selected stores from sometime in August 2017 with possibly a wider selection to choose from. Maybe then they’ll add a Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals t-shirt to the list as I’ve noticed they are missing. I should imagine they will be added as they didn’t originally have the Minnesota Vikings or Cleveland Browns ones available but they are now there.

The t-shirts are of a “distressed look”, which I love, and will go brilliantly with the Truckers Cap style that I like to wear and at £14 seem like a reasonable price to me.

I must admit that, even though I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, I don’t usually find their apparel to be very good looking but this t-shirt I do rather like. I also quite like the Miami Dolphins and LA Rams ones. I guess I’ll be spending even more of my money on multiple teams’ gear! To be honest, I’ll probably end up with one of each as the more I look at them the more I like them.

I personally hope that they continue to do this and do indeed expand the range as it can only be a good thing for us UK-based NFL fans. Also, if Sainsbury’s Tu stores have seen an opportunity what’s to stop other supermarkets and their clothing stores from doing the same? That would be great as we could get more variety at decent prices and I’m all for that!

So, what do you think, is this a good thing and what do you think about the designs and styles? Let us know in the comments below.