NFL London 2018 Seahawks @ Raiders Tickets

Right then, time I started getting back into banging on about the NFL London games and the Cleveland Browns here at my little space on the net.

I haven’t been adding to the blog because there’s not been much of interest to bang on about. I guess the biggest news since I last wrote anything is with regards to the Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders game to be played at the new Tottenham Hotspurs stadium (if it’s built in time).

Hospitality Packages

The game between the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders is scheduled to be played on the 14th October and, according to the people at NFLUK towers, the first tickets to be available for this 2018 NFL London game will be (surprise surprise) the stupidly expensive hospitality tickets. I guess they like to feed us the information that they can’t guarantee us a standard stadium ticket so that the more desperate people will panic and go for one of these instead which obviously makes them much more money. Just my cynical opinion.

Anyway, these hospitality packages go on sale 17th July 2018 with information about them being released in a few days on 12th July 2018.

Wembley Season Ticket Holders

I’ve noticed that they’re now calling us “Wembley Season Ticket Holders” instead of just “Season Ticket Holders”. I guess Spurs want to keep their deal with the NFL separate and don’t want to share. There’s only one lot of people who’ll most likely suffer as a result and that’s us fans. Again, just my cynical opinion of the way things are going with regards to the whole NFL London thing now that the fanbase/customer base continues to grow.

The Wembley season ticket holders amongst us will be given a tight 48-hour window with which to get first dibs on the same number of tickets for the Spurs stadium game as we have at the Wembley games — up to a maximum of four.

This window opens at 10am on Tuesday 4th September and closes on Thursday 6th September at 10am. Make sure you’re primed and ready for the usual cockup I’m sure will happen again when trying to get your tickets.

Apparently, our tickets bought this way will be “best available”. This again doesn’t fill me with any kind of confidence or loyalty towards NFLUK as it just tells me they have no interest in me as a customer now that they’ve managed to get people fighting for tickets and I’ll, basically, get what I’m given and be thankful for it. This is the overriding feeling I get from the way NFLUK are going about the whole NFL London games thing and is pushing me closer and closer to giving up on the series altogether.

Everybody Else

Once the Wembley season ticket holders window closes, the window for buying any remaining tickets opens to the general public. Whether this will be immediately after the close of the window or sometime thereafter hasn’t been announced. It might be an idea to register your interest in tickets for the game at Ticketmaster and keep an eye on your emails.

Stadium Build Progress

The NFL and NFLUK won’t commit 100% to the ticket sales (see the bit about “best available”) as the stadium isn’t finished. They keep banging on about the extra camera positions an NFL game needs blah blah blah, but it seems it’s going to be a close run thing for the stadium to be ready in time for this NFL game.

If you’re interested in seeing how the build is going, you can visit the Spurs website where they have some Youtube-based feeds showing what’s going on.

There are six different cameras covering different areas of the stadium and I must say that I only saw one person actually doing anything when I had a look earlier. No wonder it’s taking so long, I bet that poor guy’s knackered! Hehe.

Anyway, there ya go, I’m back and posting about the NFL. “HOORAY!” I hear you cry. Go tell all ya friends!