Well, well, well, what a surprise…NOT!

Yesterday NFLUK had to announce to us fans that Tottenham Hotspur has let them down after pushing for an NFL game to be played at their new stadium in 2018 and beyond by not being able to get the building completed in time.

After all the marketing hype and crap about how the stadium will be ready even though most people not involved with hyping it up and potentially making money from it just couldn’t see it happening. It’s been obvious all along to those of us who don’t make money from the NFL/Spurs venture that to plan for a game there this year was too soon. I guess money can blind some people to push for things unrealistically.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have all this crap again next year as I have no doubt a game or two will be scheduled for play there as per the agreement. For now, though, I can’t imagine there’s a single UK NFL fan who goes to the NFL London games that’s disappointed by this announcement. I can imagine that, like me, people are pissed off at the amateurish handling of most things NFL in the UK by NFLUK such as the:

“Give us your money for your tickets for the Seahawks/Raiders game and we’ll give you ‘Best available tickets’ when they’re sent out”

That line REALLY pissed me off as they were really saying:

“Shut up, give us your money and you’ll get what you’re given and like it! We don’t care as we’ve now got enough of a following to treat people like you wrong as we’ve now got plenty of people fighting for tickets!”.

I get the impression that Twickenham had its fans with regards to the NFL games being played there — personally I really didn’t like it — but I’d put money on that Wembley is by far the favourite venue of those who go to all/most of the games.

Personally, I prefer Wembley Stadium purely because of its location and access. It’s set up brilliantly with road and rail access to and from it. Yes, at the time of writing this, there’s a lot of building work going on around the stadium but that’s because it’s a popular, thriving area unlike Twickenham where you have to fight through miles and miles of housing estates to get to and Tottenham being a bit of a crap hole (according to the general feeling I get from people who’ve commented about it on social media and who have been there).

The biggest plus for fans now that the game has been moved to Wembley is the ticket situation. I can see that the NFL wants to move the game to a smaller capacity stadium so that they can guarantee a sellout crowd at more if they were to increase the number of games played over here in the future but the way they went about it this year with a stadium that obviously wasn’t going to be ready in time was farcical. Now that it’s at Wembley we have another 20+ thousand tickets up for sale and plenty of happy NFL fans again.

I was surprised at the choice of game to be played at the smaller stadium as well. No disrespect to the Chargers and Titans as I see them both as young up and coming teams, but they aren’t as well supported over here as the more famous Seahawks and Raiders. I have a feeling that the Spurs people had something to do with that bizarre decision.

Ticket Details

Ok, that’s my bit of bitching over as I can’t actually put into words how stupid the whole situation has been and how much more my respect for NFLUK has fallen. Maybe it’s time I saved my money from weekends in London around the games and what I spend on tickets and travel over to Cleveland to watch a game over there instead.

Right, to the announcement by NFLUK about tickets for the rescheduled Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders game now to be played at Mr Khans Wembley Stadium.

  • The game is still to be played on October 14th, 2018.
  • Kickoff 6 pm UK time.
  • If you purchased hospitality tickets at Spurs you’ll get a refund from them — you should hear from them by Thursday, 23rd August.
  • If you’re a Wembley season ticket holder you’ll get the chance to buy the same amount of tickets for this game as you have for the other games at Wembley. You can only purchase the same seats for this game as you have for the other games during this window. You’re essentially adding your seats to your season ticket for this game as well as the other two games at Wembley.
  • The season ticket holders purchase window is from 10am UK time on August 28th until 5pm on September 4th.
  • The price for these tickets will be the same as the other season tickets you’ve already purchased for the other two games.
  • A general ‘open to the public’ individual game tickets window will open up after that on September 10th at 10am. This window will be for all remaining tickets at the Seahawks/Raiders game as well as those returned by the teams for the other two games.

That’s all the information that has been released right now and we can expect to be contacted by the people involved with the already sold hospitality tickets at Spurs ground and also by NFLUK if you’re a season ticket holder by August 23rd.

It appears that for us season ticket holders that the tickets for the Seahawks @ Raiders game at Wembley will be added to our Ticketmaster accounts for the duration of the sales window ready for us to purchase or refuse. I just can’t wait to see how badly they f*** that up again!

So, what do you think about this whole debacle? Let me know in the comments below.