So, just who is John Dorsey? This is the question I’ve been asking myself since he was hired by the Cleveland Browns to become their General Manager after former Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Sashi Brown, was fired.

Well, a quick search has told me who he has been and whether I think he could be the right person for the job. One thing I did read whilst finding out about him was:

He is credited with making the Packers one of the best drafting teams in the NFL, helping choose star players like Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and Greg Jennings.

This is exactly why he has been hired by the team. Sashi Brown did a fantastic job of acquiring all those lovely high draft picks for the 2018 NFL draft, but perhaps hadn’t proven himself capable of using them wisely for the team. This draft is of great importance to the Browns organisation if they are to ever get back to winning ways as far too many top picks have been wasted by inept previous front offices.

With the team having five picks in the first two rounds of the 2018 draft (two in the first round and three in the second round) I can see why Dorsey was so quick to accept the franchises advances towards him. He could quite easily have stalled on the Browns as it was rumoured the New York Giants were about to make a move for him after their recent firings, but I guess the lure of all those lovely picks and over $100 million in cap space was too enticing.

For some years now the Cleveland Browns have claimed that they are a franchise that will build a successful team through the draft. This has been a laughable comment considering the diabolical drafting that previous front offices have done – Brandon fecking Weedon in the first round! What the actual fuck?! There have been many more who have pretty much all been shipped out of Cleveland and had varying degrees of success at other teams but the Browns organisation has been terrible for too many years now and wasted far too many top picks due to bad scouting and decision-making. Will John Dorsey stop the trend of drafting the wrong players with high picks? Only time will tell but I think he was one of the best available to do so and therefore I like the hire. Perhaps we can all stop talking about Peyton Manning coming to the Browns as GM now.

Dorsey’s background since his retirement as a player has been as a scout, which will be what has served him well in helping the Packers and later the Kansas City Chiefs build good teams. After spending most of his time in Green Bay as Director of College Scouting, Dorsey made the step up to GM in 2013 with the Kansas City Chiefs. I get the impression things weren’t totally to his liking as he had to share final decision-making on players with head coach Andy Reid. I’m not sure it was a GM the Chiefs needed with Reid given so much power but in Cleveland, I feel he will have final say over who comes in and who goes out the door as far as players go. I’d like to think he’ll take his head coach’s needs and thoughts onboard better than Sashi Brown did as it just baffles me that, as a member of the front office, you wouldn’t listen to your coaching staff.

Dorsey spent from 2013 to June 2017 with the Chiefs and help build a team that had 43 wins and 21 losses whilst he was there. This included 3 postseason births as well.

I have a feeling that Patrick Mahomes will be in with a strong chance of becoming the Chiefs’ starting QB in 2018 and the Browns could do with a veteran QB on their roster to give the younger guys someone to learn from. With Dorsey’s connection to the Chiefs, do you think Alex Smith could be on his way to Cleveland? A common train of thought is that with a new GM comes a new head coach and quarterback. This could very likely mean that Hue Jackson will be gone and a QB taken in the first round of the 2018 draft. If a QB is taken, it would make sense to bring someone like Alex Smith in who would be an improvement to what the Browns have now and would allow the rookie and DeShone Kizer to sit behind him for a year and mature into the NFL.

So, Who is John Dorsey?

Well, he’s an ex-NFL linebacker who was selected in the 4th round of the 1984 NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers and spent his playing time on their defence and special teams. His career ended after five seasons with the Packers after he suffered a pre-game warmup injury to his knee. After his playing career was over he went into scouting and was employed by the Packers to do so.

He progressed to become Director of College Scouting with them until leaving to follow Mike Holmgren (that name sticks in my throat as he is one of the terrible decisions the Browns have made with regards to employing front office staff. The guy just took the team for as much money as he could whilst bringing in absolute shite for players) to Seattle as Director of Player Personnel.

He only spent a season with the Seahawks before going back to the Packers in his old role. In 2013 he moved to the Kansas City Chiefs as GM and has helped them become a successful team even though they seem incapable of finishing a season strongly. Ask any Browns fan if they’d accept a 43-21 record over the next four seasons with three postseason trips and I’m sure of the answer you’d get. If Dorsey can turn the team into having the success the Chiefs have had whilst he was there, I’ll be one happy camper. But let’s be honest, he’s got one hell of a job on his hands.

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