A computer-generated video appeared this week showing the amazing new playing surfaces that will be a massive part of Spurs’ new stadium scheduled to be completed and opened for business in 2018.

The Premier League football team’s new stadium is of interest to us NFL fans as a deal has been done between the two organisations that will see at least two NFL games a season played at the new venue from 2018. The deal that has been done was for these games to be played there for the next ten years from 2018.

What this contract will mean for Wembley and Twickenham has yet to be revealed to us fans but I can’t see Wembley losing its games but I wouldn’t be surprised if Twickenham does as I believe its contract was for three games, which will be up after the 2017 games played there.

At the rate the NFL is growing in the UK, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wembley keeps its two games, Twickenham keeps one and Spurs get their two meaning the NFL London series expands again, this time to five games. Time will tell, but I’d be well up for that!

The 61,000+ seat stadium will comprise of two playing surfaces which will be suitable for different events. The lower playing surface will be the artificial grass that the NFL teams will play on and a retractable real grass surface will sit on top and will be used by the Spurs team for their home games.

The retractable real grass surface will be in three sections and the turf will sit in pitch-long steel trays, each weighing in at a whopping 3000 tonnes! Personally, I’d be a bit wary about playing football on a pitch that has joined sections but they assure us that the joins are tight and invisible.

When it comes time for the NFL games to hit the stadium, the real grass pitch splits apart and retracts under the South Stand. This process takes twenty-five minutes to complete, which is pretty good when you consider what is being moved.

SCX Special Projects

The company employed to design, manufacture and install this stadium-first goes by the name of SCX – Street CraneXpress, and are based in Sheffield, UK. They are the very same company who designed, manufactured and installed the retractable roof we now see on Centre Court at Wimbledon and are the company who are fitting the similar retractable roof on Court 1 at Wimbledon. Seems to me like the retractable pitch idea is in pretty safe hands even though it will be the first stadium to have the two different playing surfaces in the same building.

The best way to understand just how amazing this is going to be would be to watch the video that the company has released, so here it is:

Every time I watch that video I can’t help but think, “Wow, that’s awesome!”.

Many people aren’t happy about NFL games being played there as they seem to think it’s difficult to get to. I haven’t been there but can see that a journey to Liverpool Street station on one of many major underground lines will allow you to then get on an Overground train up to the stadium. I’ll, obviously, do much more research into this when the time gets closer to games being revealed for this fantastic looking stadium but for now, will just be content with the fact that we are getting another venue to visit and a strong possibility of more NFL games!