So, Tom Brady (or some of the people around him) has seen an opportunity to make some money off the back of the fact that a lot of people worship him as the G.O.A.T and are in awe of the fact that he’s still at the very top of the game of American football at the ripe old age of 40.

What they’ve done is to reveal the secrets behind his continued success in the NFL through a book entitled, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.

The book looks like it’s full of workouts for fitness and strength as well as nutrition and hydration information. The thing I like about it is the fact that the workouts are using resistance bands as opposed to regular weights. I like this for two reasons: I already have some resistance bands, because I don’t have room for weights at home, and I’ve never been a fan of going to the gym.

The TB12 Method upper body exercises

The general theory behind this method is to make our muscles more flexible by lengthening and softening them. It’s a more natural way of exercising your body and treating it with what you put in it. I feel too old and knackered to be punishing my body with aggressive workouts and extreme diets that make you look good on the beach during your summer holidays and would much prefer to try something I can stick to long-term, and this method would appear to proclaim to be just that (or is it that you have to if you want to see any real results from it?).

There looks to be the word ‘Pliability’ used an awful lot in the book as that is what it’s aiming to achieve with regards to the muscles but I kinda like the word ‘Prehab’ that they use as it’s a method aimed at reducing the number of injuries we suffer (perhaps a little late for me) as we go about our sporting lives.

Since my leg surgeries in 2016, I’ve not been able to get back into playing any sports as I’m still suffering with one of my knees. Maybe this TB12 method will help me pre- and post-surgery once I’ve been back in to have my knee sorted, and get me back onto the pitch before I go bonkers without any sports in my life. I’m not sure it will but I’m thinking that I might as well give it a go, and with Christmas just around the corner this book is something the kids have said Santa might bring me if I’m a good boy.

Maybe I’m expecting far too much from this ‘method’ but, hey, what have I got to lose? At the very least I should lose some of the weight I’ve piled on since the surgeries and at best I should be able to get involved in competitive sports again.

Only time will tell and I’ll sure as hell not be buying any of the related items Tom Brady sells from his TB12 website as the prices on there are just insane (and make me question the validity of this method, to be honest, as the items can be sourced much cheaper with a quick search on the internet or even at the local sports store) but I’ll post on here the results I see with The TB12 Method and how easy/difficult it is to stick to.

Have you tried the Tom Brady TB12 Method or do you know anyone that has? Let us know in the comments below and tell us how you/they got on with it.