After a whopper of a trading day on Friday by new Cleveland Browns GM, John Dorsey, and his front office, there have been rumblings of a couple more names who people think will be next out of the door from the Cleveland Browns.

So far, Dorsey and his crew have brought in big name players Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry and Damarious Randall whilst getting rid of disappointments DeShone Kizer and Danny Shelton.

This is the kind of things that happen when a new GM comes in as he wants his guys around him on his football team. But I can’t recall such a batch of good players being brought in to a team in the short space of time that it took Dorsey to do his thang this time.

The Browns now have their starting QB for the next 1-3 years as well as an excellent slot receiver — I don’t care what the haters say — and a very talented, starting calibre CB/FS. All three of these positions were the worst on the team in previous years and needed addressing desperately.

Out of the door have gone a handful of lower round draft picks with the highest being the third rounder they gave to Buffalo in exchange for Tyrod Taylor. As well as the draft picks, Dorsey has sent two players away that he must consider as disappointments. The first was QB DeShone Kizer who went to Green Bay as part of the Damarious Randall deal and Danny Shelton who has gone to New England for a third-round pick in 2019.

DeShone Kizer was a disappointment when thrown into an impossible situation by Hue Jackson last season, whereas Danny Shelton just doesn’t suit DC Greg Williams’ scheme. I feel that both players are in better situations now, especially big Danny Shelton. I like the fact that Dorsey traded him now and got a third-round pick for him as they were never going to re-sign him at the end of his rookie contract and so would have just released him.

DeShone Kizer was just very unfortunate to have been drafted when he was by the Browns whilst they were under the control of Hue Jackson and his play-calling whilst having nothing but crap WR’s on the team.

So, Who’s Next?

The loudest noise being made with regards to who will be the next player out of the door via a trade is definitely Corey Coleman. The two-year pro was drafted by the Browns with the 15th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft and has underwhelming since he’s been with the team.

In each of the two seasons he’s been with the team, he’s had a broken hand in each and has only played in nineteen of a possible thirty-two games in that time. Not a very good return on their investment, at all! He’s never gone over 500-yards of receiving in a season, either.

Corey Coleman

He’s also either very easily led or doesn’t have the correct mindset to make it in the NFL after signing a big initial contract (big to us mere mortals, anyway) as he was reported to have missed curfew along with the total bellend that is Kenny Britt last season. It’s time Corey Coleman was gone, in my opinion, and another WR picked up in free agency and/or from the draft.

Whatever Mr Dorsey can get for him, I’m happy with, but I’d really rather like it to be a second-round pick in this or next years draft as a fresh start might be what he needs, meaning a possible trade partner could be getting a good player.

Another name I’ve been hearing about as a possibility for being traded is DE Carl Nassib. Now, I like Carl Nassib and think he’s good as a member of the DE group for depth. He definitely isn’t a starter but he does push the pocket and get in the QB’s face and has a knack of getting his hands up and knocking down passes at the line. The problem with him is getting past the offensive lineman blocking him and if/when he does, he struggles to turn the corner and get at the QB. He lacks a good amount of bend (I believe that’s a term used when scouting DE’s?).

I’ve seen Carl Nassib described as being “very north to south with little east to west play”. Basically, he can push his blocker backwards and get his hands up but that’s about it.

Carl Nassib Cleveland Browns

Again, if John Dorsey can get something decent in return for Carl Nassib, I’ll be happy and won’t be sorry to see him go. I do feel that the team only has two decent DE’s on the roster with Myles Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah, so they’d have to do some serious work to replenish that unit in this off-season.

Nassib was taken in the third-round of the 2016 draft and has a couple of seasons left on his rookie contract so could be a good trade for someone if the rumours are true.

Another name that is of no surprise to me that could be traded is CB Jamar Taylor. His first season in Cleveland was actually a pleasant surprise as he performed a lot better than I’d expected him to and looked like a pretty solid CB. Unfortunately, his performances have dropped off last season and I won’t be surprised if the Browns have no suitors for him and end up cutting him.

That’s all the rumours I’ve heard in the way of potential players leaving Cleveland, but with the way John Dorsey and his front office are going about things, I’d imagine most players on the roster could be available at the right price!