It’s evident that John Dorsey knows just how important the 2018 NFL draft is to his new employer, the Cleveland Browns, as he is surrounding himself with some well-respected people from the world of American football scouting.

In previous weeks Dorsey has added two names to his new front office staff with whom he has worked in the past at the Green Bay Packers. Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith are indeed well-respected and have been credited with helping build the great Packers team of recent history. You can find out more about them in this post I wrote.

Wolf and Highsmith are permanent fixtures in the new look Browns front office but there’s been another addition to it specifically for the 2018 draft. That name is Scot McCloughan.

So who is this Scot McCloughan guy? You may be asking. Well, he’s regarded by many as one of the best in the business when it comes to evaluating college players who are coming out to enter the NFL.

Scot McCloughan, a brief look at his history in the league

A quick search on his history shows that he has worked his way up through the ranks to the very top of his chosen career path.

He started scouting when he was a kid with his dad who was an ex-Raiders cornerback. After he’d finished his playing career, his dad became a college scout and would spend time with Scot in the basement watching game film teaching him how to scout, and this is where the career path started.

It was Eliot Wolf’s dad, the great Ron Wolf, who gave Scot McCloughan his first job in the NFL when he offered him a position as a regional scout for the Green Bay Packers. He accepted the position and worked for the team between 1994-1999 before moving on and up the ladder when he became the college scouting director with the Seattle Seahawks, which he did for 5 years. His next move would be out to California when he became the Vice President of Player Personel with the San Francisco 49ers and later the General Manager for the same team. This was the top of the tree for this career path and he held the GM position for only a couple of years before he was let go by the franchise due to his being in a bad place in his life when he was going through a divorce and was battling alcoholism.

It didn’t take long for the talented McCloughan to get another job in the big time as he was offered a position as a senior personnel executive with one of his former employers, the Seattle Seahawks.

It could be said that this was the time when he made a bigger impression on the league as he is credited as part of the team that found the likes of Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor in the lower rounds of the draft and helped the Seahawks build a dominant team during his time there.

Yet again, though, McCloughan’s demons came back to haunt him and he resigned from his position with the Seahawks due to personal issues after all the excellent work he’d done in helping build the team up into a Super Bowl winner.

After a while away from the league in which he spent the time building up his own independent scouting firm, Scot McCloughan came back to the league at the top level when he was given the job as GM of the Washington Redskins. His first year as GM saw the Redskins win the NFC East and head to the playoffs followed by the 2016 season record of 8-7-1, which gave the team its first consecutive winning records in 20 years. They only just missed out on the playoffs in 2016 when they lost a game against the New York Giants that, if they’d won, would have seen them get in.

Once again, though, McCloughan found himself on the wrong end of a firing from his position as the Redskins parted ways with him in 2017 which has been reported as, yet again, due to his alcoholism.

So, who is he and what’s he doing with the Browns?

The guy is obviously very talented at what he does in terms of player evaluation and helping to build a team, but at the same time, he would appear to have a very serious issue with alcohol. Whether he still does have this issue is way beyond me to know, but could be a reason John Dorsey has wanted to only take him on for a short period of time as opposed to giving him a long-term deal. I’m also sure Scot McCloughan is happy with his role as an independent college football evaluator and I imagine he’s always got people paying him for his work.

He has worked for the 49ers, Packers and Seahawks and all three have been to the Super Bowl with rosters that he has helped to build and he has two Super Bowl rings to his credit to prove it.

John Dorsey and Jimmy Haslam Cleveland Browns

Do I Like this Hire?

Hell yeah! What is there to not like about it? The guy is often referred to as the best in the business and has a good track record of success with building winning rosters. This 2018 NFL draft could be the most important in Cleveland Browns history if they are to turn the corner and head off down the road to success, so why not bring in a guy like him.

The Browns now have a front office full of guys who have been very successful in the game at what they do, and what they do is build winning rosters! John Dorsey, Eliot Wolf, Alonzo Highsmith and now Scot McCloughan? Yes please, thank you very much!

I also like the fact that McCloughan is on the side of drafting Baker Mayfield to be the future franchise QB from this draft. There are 5-6 QB’s talked about whenever the conversation turns to who is the best in this class and I personally like Mayfield, so I’m all good with McCloughan trying to convince Dorsey that he’s the guy.

I think the Browns are going to need a thick-skinned, confident player at QB going forward and that would seem to be Mayfield’s make-up. People like to call him Johnny 2.0, but I’m not sure he is. Yes, he comes across as cocky and brash, but I don’t get the impression he has the same off-the-field issues it’s quite clear Manziel had before he even came to Cleveland. Again, I don’t know that for a fact but that’s why Dorsey is surrounding himself with these great guys who can help him make the best decisions.

It should be another exciting time for us Cleveland Browns fans as we get our hopes raised again that the franchise could be on the verge of digging itself out of the pit of misery! DILLY DILLY!